​​Pickup Instructions at the Salt Lake City Airport

Upon your arrival, you will receive a text message from your designated driver. Please respond so your driver will know the message was received. When you collect your luggage and are ready to be picked up, please locate your assigned exit door (illustrated below).

Once you found it, please send another message to your driver saying that you are ready for pickup. Your driver will respond to your text/call with the ETA and what type of vehicle to look for. (Expect the driver to arrive within a few minutes).

*Important to Remember*

When you walk outside, you will meet your driver by the first curb (PLEASE AVOID CROSSING THE STREET). All of our vehicles have the ‘My Shuttle’ logo on the side of the window.

If you have any issues connecting with your driver, please call or email: info@myshuttleparkcityutah.com.  

(Please wait by the first curb outside exit door #6)

(Please wait by the first curb outside exit door #10)

Delta Arrivals 

(Terminal 2)

All Other Airlines 

(Terminal 1)